01. The English Program has [instituted] many changes over the years in an attempt to provide an increasingly better program.
02. He has done research in physics for a number of different [institutions] throughout the country.
03. The psychiatric patients were often taken for walks in a park near the [institute] when the weather was nice.
04. The government has [instituted] a couple of changes to the driver's licensing procedure in an attempt to reduce the number of accidents involving new drivers.
05. The Bank of Montreal is one of Canada's largest financial [institutions].
06. His mother had serious emotional problems, and had to be [institutionalized] for an extended period.
07. The meanings of unique symbols, rituals, and [institutions] can be difficult to explain to different cultures.
08. John Graham once remarked that love is blind, and marriage is the [institution] for the blind.
09. His wife is taking some silly course in this so-called [institute] where they claim to teach people to read minds.
10. Sociologists consider the family to be the most basic social [institution].
11. For most children, enrolling in school is their first encounter with a formal [institution].
12. Native people in this country have often suggested that there is an [institutionalized] racism which exists in government, and which prevents them from being allowed to govern their own communities.
13. The government of South Africa [institutionalized] apartheid beginning in 1949.
14. The neighborhood pub is an English [institution].
15. A lot of students purchase their own computers in order to avoid the access problems associated with [institutional] computers.
16. He has done research for a number of medical [institutes].
17. Management is [instituting] a number of changes which they hope will result in an improvement in service to our clients.
18. Informal class suppers held at the end of each program have now been [institutionalised] into a program wide final dinner.
19. Many old people in this country are [institutionalised] because family simply cannot or will not take care of them.
20. In the 1700s, the composer Handel came to be regarded by the English as a national [institution].

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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